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There are certain things that never go out of style. Red lipstick, hand written thank you notes, baby otters (so stinking cute!), and polka dots. Polka dots are awesome. The simplicity of polka dots is something that is timeless.

Our polka dot decals look great on your wall (just ask my daughter). These decals go great in a kid’s room or a nursery. They are easy to put up and look good in a pattern or just placed randomly. This is a style that is pretty hard to mess up.

The included instructions will help you take this timeless trend and stick it to your wall. Of course if you run in to trouble feel free to reach out to us via email or the chat box below. We are never far away and willing to help

Accent walls have been and will continue to be a trend in interior design for a long time. Painting isn’t the only way to focus attention (accent) to a wall. Adding vinyl polka dot stickers makes a great alternative to paint. Not only are they less of a hassle (paint mess, yuck) they also cost a LOT less.

Our thin vinyl decals have a matte finish that make them look hand painted on the wall. They don’t just work for walls though. Pretty much any relatively flat, clean surface can be decorated. Dressers, glass, shelves, etc can all be accented by our vinyl decals. Let your imagination run wild.

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