Damask Wall Decals


  • Set of 6 damask decals
  • Each damask is approx 11″ wide x 13″ tall
  • Full instructions
  • Works great with classic or modern look
Select Color: Azure Blue Beige Black Brimstone Yellow Brown Dark Gray Dark Red Geyser Blue Gray Key Lime Pie King Blue Lavender Light Brown Light Grey Lime Tree Green Maize Metallic Gold Metallic Silver Navy Blue Olive Orange Pink Soft Pink White
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You first saw the idea on Pinterest and instantly you fell in love. Beautifully stenciled walls. Paint colors were carefully selected, stencils were printed and cut out, and there might have been a bit of bragging on Facebook. After all, the instructions on the website were so straight forward and simple…What could go wrong?

You felt so confident in your painting abilities (never mind that you can barely draw a stick figure) that you even offered to host your monthly book club to unveil the new look.

And then you started painting.

The stencils didn’t want to stay put…no amount of painter’s tape would hold them flat enough to make clean lines. Out of frustration, you tried holding them up with one hand while painting with the other…a technique that only resulted in smeared paint that mostly ended up all over you. Now what?

At this point, you may feel as though you have to give up your vision of beautifully stenciled walls. Luckily we’re here to help, with beautiful damask wall decals that will give you the hand painted look without the hand painted hassle. There is a wide selection of colors, and the vinyl decals are matte finish so there is no annoying glare.

Pre-spaced to avoid guess work, sheets of 15 vinyl stickers are mess-free and easy to hang. They are so thin that, once in place, they appear to be painted directly onto the wall.

Our damask stickers will not only save you time, they’ll save the day when your book club guests show up. Your friends will be so impressed that you’ll be tempted to let them think you painted the design yourself…And why not? Go ahead and take all of the credit. We’ll keep your secret!