Daisy Wall Decals


  • Comes with 3 daisy wall decals
  • Each decal measures 10 inches around
  • Choose from 24 color options
  • Free Shipping (US only)
Select Color: Metallic Gold Metallic Silver Black Dark Red Brown Light Brown Beige Dark Gray Gray Light Grey Navy Blue King Blue Azure Blue Geyser Blue Lavender Key Lime Pie Lime Tree Green Olive Orange Pink Soft Pink White Brimstone Yellow Maize
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“He (or she) loves me”, pluck off a petal. “He (or she) loves me not”, pluck off a petal. We’ve all pulled the petals off of a daisy saying these words. Our hope was that the last petal would tell us “He (or she) loves me!” This game has always represented to me love, childhood innocence and purity.

Make your room “fresh as a daisy” with our big daisy wall decals. Represent love and new beginnings on your walls. These wall decals are 10 inches around and look hand painted. We will send you three daisy decals that you could place anywhere you like. Need more? Just add to the quantity next to the “Add to Cart” button. Remember, no matter how many you order shipping is free (US only).

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Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Black, Dark Red, Brown, Light Brown, Beige, Dark Gray, Gray, Light Grey, Navy Blue, King Blue, Azure Blue, Geyser Blue, Lavender, Key Lime Pie, Lime Tree Green, Olive, Orange, Pink, Soft Pink, White, Brimstone Yellow, Maize


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