Cloud Decals


  • 4 big clouds 20 in x 12 in
  • 6 smaller clouds 12 in x 7 in
  • Easy to apply
Select Color: Metallic Gold Metallic Silver Black Dark Red Brown Light Brown Beige Dark Gray Gray Light Grey Navy Blue King Blue Azure Blue Geyser Blue Lavender Key Lime Pie Lime Tree Green Olive Orange Pink Soft Pink White Brimstone Yellow Maize
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I remember as a kid lying on the grass and staring at the clouds. Trying to see shapes, “look there is an alligator. Over there it’s an elephant riding a bike smoking a pipe.” Okay, okay, I had an over active imagination. I have loved clouds ever since.

These cloud decals bring back that magic. They go great in nurseries and kid’s rooms. Teach them to dream and live among the clouds.

Come with 4 big clouds (20 inches by 12 inches), 6 smaller clouds (12 inches by 7 inches) which are also pretty big.

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Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Black, Dark Red, Brown, Light Brown, Beige, Dark Gray, Gray, Light Grey, Navy Blue, King Blue, Azure Blue, Geyser Blue, Lavender, Key Lime Pie, Lime Tree Green, Olive, Orange, Pink, Soft Pink, White, Brimstone Yellow, Maize


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